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About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of First Town Downtown is to position and promote Windsor Center as a premier New England town center that protects and utilizes its proud heritage as the basis for developing vibrant recreational, economic and cultural activity.

Vision statement
Historic Windsor Center, with its classic New England Town Green, is located at the confluence of the Connecticut and Farmington Rivers. Pedestrian friendly, it is an inviting living and gathering place where residents and visitors can find dining and entertainment, specialty and convenience shopping, historic sites and museums, family-oriented community events and commercial and municipal services.

-- To ensure that the existing commercial space and opportunities for in-fill development in Windsor Center have the highest and best mix of uses based on market opportunities, and leverages the significant mix of existing assets.

-- To develop and implement a marketing and public relations plan for Windsor Center that promotes Windsor Center's distinct existing assets and opportunities and is communicated to carefully identified target markets to draw more people, businesses and investors into Windsor Center.

-- To further develop a revitalization program, with First Town Downtown positioned as the central coordinating agency, based on collaboration, focus and continuity by involving and integrating the diverse interest in the community on a shared and long-term agenda for Windsor Center.

This is an exciting time for all supporters of our town center. If you have ever considered assisting with this mission, now is the time to get involved. To help you decide where your talents can best be put to use, click each committee listed above for a brief overview that committee's function."


Farmers' Market
Sep 26 at 240 Broad Street
Retail in the Age of Disruption
Oct 2 at Hartford or Stamford
Farmers' Market w/Sean Murray
Oct 3 at 240 Broad Street
Heritage Brick Installation
Oct 5 at Central Street Brick Patio
Farmers' Market
Oct 10 at 240 Broad Street
Farmers' Market
Oct 17 at 240 Broad Street
Nightmare on Broad Street
Oct 31 at Windsor Center