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Windsor Center

Windsor Center
Windsor has beautiful neighborhoods, great old houses and buildings, lots of history, plenty of recreational activities and programs for your family. We have great shops to buy gifts for family and friends, a unique variety of restaurants to dine at, and every service you could possibly need to run your household or business.

Historic Windsor Center is rich in assets. From the Town Green that has been preserved and celebrated on the National Register of Historic Places, to the renovated Huntington House into beautiful office space and renovation of obsolete factory buildings into quality living space at First Town Condominiums which are located in the heart of Windsor's downtown. A variety of shopping abounds with the many specialty retail stores and restaurants, recreational activities, and of course, our history!

The next time you are wondering what to do with your free time some Saturday, why not spend your time (and money!) in Windsor Center? Why would you want to drive several miles, sit in traffic, park a half mile away from the mall, spend time in a generic environment, walk around with people you don't know, and spend money in stores that don't support your community? Did you know that malls today are being built to look like traditional Main Streets? They are now trying to compete with us!

Our downtown will thrive if YOU consciously choose to support local business. When you shop downtown, those business owners put their profits back into the town. They support community theatre, schools, local sports, scout troops, and many others.

We guarantee that the owners of Windsor's Businesses care! .

These are just a few examples of how your local business owners help this community! You can support them by shopping in their stores, purchasing their services, and always Think Windsor First!


Farmers' Market
Thursdays at 240 Broad Street
Glass Birdbath / Feeder Workshop
Aug 27 at 25 Central Street, Windsor
Farmers' Market
Thursdays at 240 Broad Street
Summer Concert: Personal Touch
Aug 29 at Town Green
Farmers' Market w/Ben Mueller
Sep 5 at 240 Broad Street
Farmers' Market w/Sean Murray
Sep 12 at 240 Broad Street
Marketing Madness
Sep 17 at The Bean@226
Main Street Matters
Sep 18 at 226 Broad Street
Farmers' Market
Sep 19 at 240 Broad Street
Farmers' Market
Sep 26 at 240 Broad Street
Retail in the Age of Disruption
Oct 2 at Hartford or Stamford
Farmers' Market w/Sean Murray
Oct 3 at 240 Broad Street
Retail in the Age of Disruption
Oct 3 at Hartford or Stamford
Heritage Brick Installation
Oct 5 at Central Street Brick Patio
Farmers' Market
Oct 10 at 240 Broad Street
Farmers' Market
Oct 17 at 240 Broad Street
Nightmare on Broad Street
Oct 31 at Windsor Center